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IEE-Pillar 2
Projects in Cyprus
  • The objective of this project is to pave the ground for the significant improvement of the skills of the workforce in the Building sector in Cyprus making the enterprises and their employees, specifically those in relevant occupations, capable of achieving the EU 2020 targets. In order to achieve this, the national status quo will be thoroughly analysed, the barriers and gaps will be identified and a Roadmap will be developed. The Consortium formed for the project, has the widest possible participation of the major actors in Cyprus, whereas other actors are expected to contribute and finally endorse the project’s outputs. The project is expected to lead towards the upgrading of the skills of the workforce in the Building sector but also of workforce found in sectors relating to the energy efficiency and the utilisation of Renewable Energy Sources in buildings. This will contribute significantly towards achieving Cyprus’ energy targets by 2020 and at the same time complying with the EU directives on Energy Performance of Buildings and the EU2020 targets.