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User authentication on BUILD UP is now supported by the EU Login service. It allows authorised users to access a wide range of Commission web services, using a single email address and password.

Are you new on BUILD UP?

If you never signed up before on BUILD UP, just login with your EU Login account. If you don't have an EU Login user account yet, you can create a new one following the "Create an account" link on the EU Login screen.

Once authenticated, you'll be redirected back to the BUILD UP site. On your first login, choose "no" when asked for an existing account on site.

Do you already have an user account on BUILD UP?

If you signed up on BUILD UP before our integration with the EU Login service, you already have an account in this site and it has been kept. In order to login again, your EU Login and your existing BUILD UP accounts must be linked.

Login to, or create your EU Login account as described before. When redirected back, choose "Yes" to the question about if you already have an account on this site.

You will be prompted to enter your old username and password in order to associate your existing and EU Login accounts. It is required only once, on your first access to the site with EU Login.