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Tools cover a wide variety of topics and are useful in a range of different scenarios, such as assessing energy efficiency or renewable energy projects, calculating energy retrofit or renovation benefits and costs, assessing heating and/or cooling systems options for consumers, and more. 

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NABLAHVAC - automated HVAC analysis software
An indoor ambient simulation is useful to quantitatively assess the performance of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and predict the air flows needed for optimal comfort in any season. Hence, it is possible to reduce energy consumption, simulate air purification, enhance thermal comfort, and optimise HVAC configurations, especially when different system solutions are integrated in the same building.
Laura Paccagnella
Decarbonising the EU building stock with Artificial Intelligence?
MATRYCS is capitalising on and combining existing modern technological breakthroughs in the areas of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, as well as big data, in order to develop a new decision-making and data analytics solution for driving energy-efficient renovations of buildings.
European Countries
Lara González Volpe