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BUILD UP aims to promote smarter and more efficient buildings, the increased integration of renewables into buildings, and improved energy use behaviours across geographical Europe. In fact, the BUILD UP initiative was established in 2009 to help support Member States with the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The interactive BUILD UP web portal works to catalyse, make available, and widely disseminate Europe’s collective intelligence in the field, to support these goals.

The media and stakeholders of BUILD UP can also support this key action by raising awareness for BUILD UP and encouraging audiences to visit the BUILD UP portal to access and contribute to an ever-growing pool of knowledge, experience, and good practices in the field. We invite you to link to the BUILD UP portal on your own website, and also to tag us in relevant posts on social media. To do so, please use our visual identity together with the BUILD UP web address and the following links to our social media accounts:  

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LinkedIn: EU_BUILD UP  

Twitter: @EU_BUILDUP   

YouTube: @buildupEU 

We also invite you to use BUILD UP content on your website, by copying and pasting URLs.  

Check out the BUILD UP promotional video and our latest press releases, or contact us directly for additional information, to find out about media partnerships, or if you are interested in collaborating with us on webinars, articles, events and more.  

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