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Course: Sustainable Building with Timber

Sustainable Building with Timber

Course: Sustainable Building with Timber

This 7 weeks course is relevant for all stakeholders in the built environment – architects, developers, engineers, consultants and policymakers – as well as students who want to learn more about the opportunities and cutting-edge best practices for designing and building with timber.

Details of the conference

14 February 2024 (Available until 15 November in the platform)
TU Delft

The way we construct our buildings needs to change! Over 35% of our global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to the built environment. A third of that amount is specifically related to the production of abiotic (non-renewable) materials such as concrete, metals and plastics. The associated challenges are not only climate related, but also concern resource scarcity, health and housing provision.

A viable alternative to our current construction paradigm is building with timber. Recent advances in the capabilities of timber manufacturing offer opportunities for large-scale application in the build environment, whilst also going much of the way to solving the aforementioned challenges.

In this course you will learn how it can – and why it should – support the greater use of timber in our built environment by implementing a combined 'sustainable forestry' and 'timber for construction' supply chain.