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Open Call: innovative financing for local & regional authorities


Open Call: innovative financing for local & regional authorities

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On 2nd March 2023 PROSPECT+ - a capacity-building project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme - will open a call for cities, regions and local energy agencies to improve their financing capacities when it comes to implementing their sustainable energy and climate action plans, putting them on track to reach the EU climate and energy targets.

Local and regional authorities together with local and regional energy agencies have the potential to be the driving force of the energy transition. However, not all public authorities are at the same level of engagement: independent of their dimension and geographical position, some are advanced in tackling climate change mitigation and adaptation, while others lag behind.

One of the factors responsible for the disparities is the lack of resources, both in terms of financing and insufficient knowledge. Thus, financing of their sustainable energy and climate projects is hindered primarily by a lack of internal capacity to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective financing instruments and implementation models.

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