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What has changed in the brand-new BUILD UP portal?

New website banner

What has changed in the brand-new BUILD UP portal?

The BUILD UP portal has completely changed its look offering more promotion for contributors and easier procedures. Check out all the new features!
Editorial Team

BUILD UP has a brand-new look. The European portal for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings has been renovated, and brings its users a new, modern, and more attractive portal, with a new corporate identity. However, the aim of the platform remains the same: to reap the benefits of Europe's collective intelligence on energy reduction and renewable energy in buildings for all relevant audiences.  

Falling under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), our community brings together practitioners and professional associations while motivating them to exchange good working practices and knowledge, and to transfer tools and resources.  

What is new in the BUILD UP portal? 

The BUILD UP user is going to find the same high-quality content but with some improvements:  

New design 

Aligned with the European Commission guidelines and putting our portal users at the centre of the design updates, the new BUILD UP portal shows a modern and attractive look, presenting its content and features in a more user-friendly way.  

Every piece of content will highlight:  

  • The name of the author 

  • Extra information (when possible) 

  • Related items 

New tabs 

We have reorganized our sections, making it easier to navigate through the portal:  

  • Topic of the Month (ToM): Every month a topic about energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings is proposed by BUILD UP’s Editorial Board and covered in detail. Our contributors can upload news, publications, or any item linked to the selected topic or subtopics. Under this tab, users can easily find all content related to the current or a previous ToM. 

  • News & Events: The most up-to-date news and upcoming events in the sector. 

  • Resources & Tools: Including case studies, project links, publications, tools, and other useful resources. 

  • Themes: A list of themes to help navigation and to make it simpler to find information.   

  • About BUILD UP: Corporate information about our portal.   

  • BUILD UP Skills: A strategic initiative initiated by the European Commission in 2011 with the aim of increasing the number of trained and qualified building professionals across Europe to deliver building renovations offering high-energy performance as well as new nearly zero-energy buildings. 

New finder 

We present an accurate and stronger search function that allows our users to search by keyword, topic, author, etcetera.  

More promotion  

Our contributors and authors will be highlighted and promoted, not only with their name and organisation, but also with their social media profiles (or email, if desired). This will give them the possibility to get directly in touch with other European colleagues.  


New registration procedure for the website: EU Login 

The new BUILD UP is now a portal of the European Commission, following EU Commission official rules and standards in terms of registration. This will ensure more security of access and, at the same time, will imply slight changes in the registration process of users.  

From now on, the login to the website will be an EU Login. Find all the details here


Disseminating content: how to become a contributor 

Our platform is open for contributions, and in the new portal we have simplified the process for submitting content. Just follow these steps:  

  • Register as a member 

  • Click Submit Content 

  • Choose the category of content you want to submit 

  • Fill in the required fields 

  • Submit as a draft 

The BUILD UP Editorial Team will check your submission and within 24/48 hours, it will be published in the portal. In case it is rejected, a team member will contact you to explain the reason(s) why (check the content guidelines for more information about this).   



In the new BUILD UP portal, it will be easier to connect with other registered users, fostering synergies and networking. If you want to find and connect with colleagues working on projects like yours, or even be up to date on what is happening around a specific topic, you will find all the information in BUILD UP.  

Have you registered yet? Check the procedures and begin to promote your project, organisation or profile.  


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