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Expert Talk - Alexandra Troi

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Expert talks

Expert Talk - Alexandra Troi

Daniel Aragón
"You would always look to try to find solutions which keep what is there and bring it forward". Alexandra Troi, Vice Head of Institute for Renewable Energy at Eurac Research.

EXPERT TALKS series is an initiative from the BUILD UP portal. In the form of face-to-face interviews, experts from all around Europe and covering the field of Energy Efficiency in buildings from different perspectives share their views, experience and expertise with BUILD UP audience. The interviews address relevant topics linked to the Topic of the Month.

This month we will be discussing about "Energy efficiency renovation of historic buildings" with Alexandra Troi, Vice Head of Institute for Renewable Energy at Eurac Research.

During the interview, Troi answers questions about the main aspects of historic buildings to consider when starting a renovation project or the innovative materials that are being used in renovation projects on historic buildings, among other topics.

Troi is leading the research group on Energy retrofit of historic buildings within the Institute for Renewable Energy. Recently, they have been the operating agent of IEA SHC Task59 on Historic buildings towards NZEB and built up a lab on hygrothermal building characterisation, which Troi considers a "crucial topic" for the upcoming energy transition.