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Special Interviews: BUILD UP Skills Initiative - Part 3/3

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Special Interviews: BUILD UP Skills Initiative - Part 3/3

Editorial Team
In March, BUILD UP continues its exploration of the Year of Skills, presenting a series of videos featuring various experts and participants of the BUILD UP Skills initiative. These videos delve into crucial topics such as the impact of the initiative on upskilling building professionals, the factors facilitating readiness to achieve energy goals at a national level, and best practices in skills development.

BUILD UP had the pleasure to interview Dr. Horia Petran, (Researcher at INCD URBAN-INCERC and Coordinator at Pro-nZEB Cluster, Romania), Gloria Callinan, (Project Support Officer at the Technological University of the Shannon, Ireland) and Dragomir Tzanev (Executive Director at the Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect, Bulgaria) in the frame of the BUILD UP Skills EU Initiative funded through Horizon 2020 and under the LIFE Clean Energy Transition programme.

In this final video, the experts explained the three key enabling factors that will ensure the workforce in their countries is ready to achieve the ambitious energy and climate goals in the building sector.