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C4E Forum 2023 - Central & Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum


C4E Forum 2023 - Central & Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum

23 May 2023

Due to the current geo-political situation and timing of the C4E Forum 2023, taking place after a winter with high energy prices across Europe, the main topics that will be addressed at the event are energy security, the rebuilding of Ukraine and EU policy (REPowerEU and Fit-for-55 package).


In a context where the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) is entering its trilogue phase and discussions are taking place in the European Parliament concerning the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), the C4E Forum will be a great opportunity for stakeholders to track how implementation is proceeding as well as reviewing if REPowerEU funds are being properly streamlined into energy efficiency measures.


The EU is mainly working to improve its energy security by focussing on supply issues, whereas it should pay more attention to energy renovation as the sustainable option to properly tackle the energy security crisis. After all, the safest, cleanest and cheapest energy is that which we do not use.


The 4th edition of the C4E Forum will provide two and a half days of interactive sessions and networking opportunities in the unique and attractive setting of Šamorín, a Slovak resort on the banks of the Danube River, close to Bratislava and Vienna. With a clear CEE focus, discussions and presentations on real and topical policy challenges and solutions with the participation of a broad representation of stakeholders (decision-makers, industry, NGOs…) will take place.


More Information about this event here.