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List of projects (7)

The aim of the project is to ensure that employers in the UK have the skilled workforce required to meet EU 2020. To do this we will undertake a comprehensive review of existing skills, training and qualification provision, and anticipated skills needs, and use the outcome to develop a 2020 Skills Roadmap that will inform the development and provision of skills through a wide range of stakeholder bodies across the UK. The project will be delivered by a consortium which comprises a wide range of key stakeholders and other partners including professional bodies and trade associations. This platform has been used to develop the steering committee and devolved administration working groups, and will input and endorse the 2020 Skills Roadmap. The project will analyse all occupations in the construction, built environment and RES sectors and use the outcomes of that research to develop the 2020 Skills Roadmap.The project meets the priorities of individual departments in Westminster and will also reflect the specific needs and priorities of the devolved administrations; Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.