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Prefabricated façades installed in a matter of minutes

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Prefabricated façades installed in a matter of minutes

17 June 2024
Demo case building renovation goes on for INFINITE.
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Major works in the Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia, demonstration site for the INFINITE project. The approach is that of the EU's Renovation Wave, aiming to enhance efficiency in building renovations. During a visit organised for project partners, attendees visited Lesoteka, a local panel supplier that sources wood from nearby forests.

At the demo site, wooden facades were swiftly installed on the building's façade, covering approximately 20 m² in a dozen minutes, demonstrating significant time savings compared to traditional methods.

The final layer will feature white photovoltaic cells from a Swiss partner, creating a façade that conserves heat and generates electricity.

A heat pump has already been installed to meet most of the building's heating needs, and advanced ventilation systems will be integrated into a new wooden floor this summer.

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