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Six new LIFE-CET buildings projects starting this autumn – Could yours be next?

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Six new LIFE-CET buildings projects starting this autumn – Could yours be next?

As a result of the LIFE Clean Energy Transition call in 2022, six interesting new projects addressing energy performance of buildings will kick off this autumn – get acquainted with them (and check out the links)!
Daniel Aragón

Inspired by these actions? The LIFE CET 2023 call is open with deadline 16 November 2023, and there is a specific topic addressing several key areas to achieve the ambitious EU targets for the decarbonisation of the building stock. Check out the full text of the LIFE-2023-CET-BETTERRENO topic and the conditions to participate in the call. Find your partners and submit your project ideas to make building renovation in Europe faster, deeper, smarter, service- and data driven. 

Among the projects selected in the LIFE CET 2022 call:

  • tunES, coordinated by empirica consultancy firm in Germany, will support Member States in implementing and initiating legislative and other relevant action to exploit the full potential of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) through consistent, ambitious and user-friendly design targeting 7 Member States (AT, HR, GR, HU, IT, PL, SI).
  • Smarter EPC, coordinated by R2M Solution consulting company in France, will deliver a platform to provide open access to EPC and SRI tools developed under (H2020, LIFE CET) past and ongoing projects, and will support the integrated assessment of energy performance and smart readiness.
  • iEPB, coordinated by the Valencia Institute of building in Spain, will help improve the synchrony between multiple energy performance assessments - notably between EPCs, the SRI and energy renovation recommendations - by developing a common data model for building assessments; focus will be on ES, NL and AT. 
  • OneClickReno, also coordinated by the Valencia Institute of building in Spain, will develop, validate and integrate automatically generated, customizable and easy to understand Building Renovation Passports (BRPs) through simple (“one-click”) web tools for 4 + 1 markets (IE, ES, NL, IT + EL, with partners also from AT and BE)
  • COSME Reno, coordinated by the Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe in Germany, aims at implementing industrialised renovation solutions, building on existing initiatives, such as “EnergieSprong”, using prefabricated elements and deploying tools, services and training for SMEs in this sector, with activities in DE, FR, NL, IT, BE and LT.
  • EPBD.wise, coordinated by the Technical University of Vienna in Austria, will support public authorities with a focus on 6 countries in the design, implementation and evaluation of building policy instruments (Zero Emission Buildings, Renovation plans, Minimum Energy Performance Standards, BRPs, EPCs) while building a replicable model, i.e. by closely engaging with Member States and the Renovate Europe Campaign. 
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