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Infographic - Opaque façade systems can be intelligent too!

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Infographic - Opaque façade systems can be intelligent too!

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In this infographic you can learn more not only about intelligent façades, but also about other elements of the building envelope, as intelligent opaque components also play an important role here.

What makes an intelligent façade?

Its ability to modify autonomously and reversibly some behaviours, thanks to an external control system which optimises the performance under different weather conditions.


But what about the rest of the building envelope?

Intelligent opaque components could play a relevant role in the building performance.


There are several solutions to control heat exchange between the internal and external environments:

  1. Air exchange control through façade components
  2. Heat flow control through dynamic insulation
  3. Solar absorptance control through mobile coatings

BUILD UP has also produced an overview exploring in more depth the sustainable building roofs. Check it here!

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