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Webinar - How to make renovation more inclusive and beautiful? Renovation projects talk about the New European Bauhaus

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Webinar - How to make renovation more inclusive and beautiful? Renovation projects talk about the New European Bauhaus

Editorial Team

On Tuesday, June 4,  BUILD UP hosted a webinar organised with the  NEBULA project  on ‘How to make renovation more inclusive and beautiful? Renovation projects talk about the New European Bauhaus’. The event discussed the need to massively reduce buildings’ energy needs to improve their energy performance in line with the Energy Efficiency First Principle. To that end, five EU-projects (Rehouse, Drastic,  e-SAFE, InCUBE and Fortesie) discussed how their innovations go beyond energy efficiency and embrace the values of the New European Bauhaus: sustainability, inclusiveness and aesthetics.  

Rehouse Project

The webinar started with Anna Amato, Researcher at ENEA, who is working as part of the Rehouse project. ‘Rehouse is an EU-funded project that aims to improve the renovation process of buildings. In our pilot, we worked on retrofitting a social public house in the south of Italy, implementing a people-centric approach in all the phases of the renovation’, she explained. 

Drastic Project

Next in line, Eero Nigumann, Project Manager at Timbeco, and Michiel Ritzen, Senior Expert from Vito, presented some pilots of the Drastic project. As said by Nigumann, ‘the Estonian demonstrator goal is to realise a deep energy renovation and to design and install prefabricated insulation elements that include recycled materials, as well as using BIPV panels on prefabricated roof and walls elements’. This was complemented by Ritzen, who mentioned that ‘the German demonstrator is working on the development of a full circular external thermal insulation composite system’.

e-SAFE Project

Grazia Maria Nicolosi, Researcher at Università di Catania and working on the e-SAFE project, detailed: ‘The e-SAFE project is based on a co-design process aimed at architectural renovation, and energy and seismic retrofitting. The project promotes cooperation, participation, and the research of beauty, as it fosters the relationships of people and mutual learning’.

InCUBE Project

InCUBE provides cutting-edge standardised and lean integrated processes based on 4 pillars: industrialisation, new products and materials, digitalisation and business innovation’, said Stelios Zikos, Research Associate at CERTH - The Centre for Research & Technology, one of the partner’s working in the project.

Fortesie Project

Closing the event, Kostas Panagopoulos, Project Manager at European Dynamics, gave an introduction to Fortesie. ‘Our goal is to transform how buildings are renovated across Europe by combining the latest technologies with guaranteed performance and smart financing options. This will make building upgrades not only efficient and sustainable but also accessible to everyone’.

The event concluded with a lively Q&A session during which the panellists received several questions from the audience, including on how to find a compromise between end-users wishes and safety constraints, on maintaining the connection to the occupants of demo-sites beyond project end, and on how to better account for inclusivity and accessibility in renovation projects.