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Opportunities of Positive Energy Neighbourhoods (PENs)

Overcoming Financial and Market Barriers to Positive Energy Neighbourhoods
European Countries

Opportunities of Positive Energy Neighbourhoods (PENs)

Positive Energy Neighbourhoods have a great potential to boost climate neutrality, even though there are still barriers to overcome.
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Positive Energy Neighbourhoods (PENs) offer many opportunities, such as a climate-neutral building stock, enhanced citizen comfort, and improved public health. They also contribute to climate resilience, alleviate energy poverty, and enhance energy security. Despite their potential, PENs face barriers such as inflation, high borrowing costs, and reliance on public funding.

Siloed approaches in construction and finance sectors create challenges, necessitating a unified method for assessing environmental, social, and governance impacts. Extending the EU sustainable finance taxonomy could enhance investment in PENs. Addressing these issues through guidance, funding, and policy support is crucial to realising PENs' full potential.

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Victoria Taranu, Jessica Glicker, Emily Bankert, Zsolt Toth (BPIE), Dominic Stephen, Thomas Gelauff (BAX & COMPANY)