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CinderOss - CINDERELA One-Stop-Shop service for sustainable urban construction


CinderOss - CINDERELA One-Stop-Shop service for sustainable urban construction

The CINDERELA Project has developed the CinderOSS tool which is a One-Stop-Shop service representing a digital business environment and supporting new business models for a sustainable urban construction. The tool is currently an open beta version.

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CinderOSS, or CINDERELA One-Stop-Shop service is a complete digital business environment which makes the use of SRM-based construction products resulting from CinderCEBM more transparent, traceable and attractive to users: i.e. investors, companies, local administrations and decision makers at local and regional levels. It provides a variety of services that accelerate construction related waste-to-product business models. These services are based on the accumulated information of all research and demonstrations actions that are performed within the CINDERELA project, such as SRM-product information, demonstrations and the associated business models. Furthermore, as the tool has more potential than just showing CINDERELA information, the tool will be complemented with existing knowledge and experience of best-practices throughout Europe.

CinderOSS database

The CinderOSS database includes information on all things relevant for exploiting a circular economy business model (CEBM). The idea of the database is that information on a CEBM is simply not enough. An entrepreneur will also need information on other relevant aspects, such as (local) legislation, market developments and product characteristics. As such, the CinderOSS database bundles all this information into one place, becoming a true One-Stop-Shop for construction related circular economy business models.

Given these different aspects, the CinderOSS database is split into 5 modules, each corresponding to a different business exploitation aspect: CEBM, Legal, Market, Production and Construction, Research and Development. These modules are as simple and cohesive interfaces that you see in online webshops such as amazon. 'Shop items' are labeled within a certain module and also include other tags, such as waste type and country. This allows for easy browsing through different items, and also provides the option to present relevant items when one item is already shown.


The starting point of the database is the collection of CEBMs, which are collected in the CEBM module. Here we display CINDERELA and other CEBMs that turn waste into circular construction products. Each CEBM item includes basic information of the business model, following the business model canvas framework. We also added a visual indicating the waste-to-product value chain.

CinderOSS development

CinderOSS is currently in open beta version and is under continuous improvement by internal and external testing. If you wish to participate, please register at to the CinderOSS and we will soon contact you for participation on the CinderOSS community platform. This current version of the CinderOSS holds three main features: the CinderOSS database, the Business Finder and the Marketplace.

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