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EU Peers: Transnational Community Spring Meeting

Transnational Community Spring Meeting
Webevent/virtual conference

EU Peers: Transnational Community Spring Meeting

14 May 2024
How to engage residents and homeowners of multifamily buildings.

Details of the conference

14 May 2024, 10:00 - 11:30 CET
EU Peers project

The focus of this Spring Meeting is on a crucial aspect of home renovation: resident engagement and persuading homeowners of multifamily buildings to embark on the renovation journey.

The Spring Meeting’s agenda features a spotlight on the well-established One-stop-shop (OSS) Vilnius City Building Renovation Company, shedding light on its innovative approaches and successes.

Additionally, participants will delve into the challenges encountered by the Vilnius City Building Renovation Company in mobilising residents and homeowners, fostering an open exchange of ideas and solutions.

Central to the event is a dedicated session for Integrated Home Renovation Services (IHRS) practitioners from diverse European regions to engage in an open discussion. Here, the collective wisdom of the community will be harnessed as participants share experiences, brainstorm strategies, and ignite inspiration for overcoming shared obstacles.