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18 October 2023

The XI Congress International about Documentation, conservation, and Reuse of Architectural heritage ReUSO will take place in Cáceres, Spain, from 18th to 21st October 2023. 

The objective of the congress is to deepen, in the international context, knowledge and intervention strategies related to the conservation and enhancement of architectural, urban and landscape heritage.​

The congress aims to bring together the international academic community interested in scientific dissemination and offer a space for the debate on issues related to the documentation, conservation and reuse of architectural heritage, but also guarantee an opportunity to disseminate the results of research projects and share experience in teaching ideas.

Proceedings of the REUSO 2023 CÁCERES on Documentation, Conservation and Reutilization of the Cultural Heritage will be published in book format with ISBN and each contribution will be a chapter with Editorial Dyckinson (rank 3 from Scholarly Publishers Indicators (SPI))

Deadline to send the Full Papers is  April 30

Papers are welcomed in conference topics:

  1. Urban planning and management and the problem of the conservation of historic centers and landscapes.​​
  2. Understanding historical Heritage as a prerequisite for its proper conservation.​​
  3. Digital technology solutions for the issues of documentation, monitoring, fruition and visualization of architectural and environmental Heritage.​
  4. Trends and guidelines for restoration projects and proposals for sustainable conservation through new techniques.​
  5. The value of tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage: the challenges of conservation

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