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Webinar - Let’s Talk Circular Private Housing (UIPI)

Webevent/virtual conference

Webinar - Let’s Talk Circular Private Housing (UIPI)

On 27th April from 10.00H to 12.30H, the session of "Let’s talk circular private housing" will take place. This webinar is the third, and final, webinar of the "Circular talks" series, organised by the DRIVE 0 project.


The transition to a more circular and sustainable private residential sector in Europe is gaining momentum. While some early adopters of circular processes in construction and renovation projects have made significant strides, circularity is still far from being widely adopted in the sector. This webinar session aims to explore how circular principles can be exploited thanks to the business models for the private housing sector developed by the University of Bologna under the scope of EU-funded project Drive 0, based on the experiences of two pilots which will be presented to inspire replication.


For a more comprehensive approach on how circularity practices are important and should be utilised in private residential buildings, the webinar will try to count with the presentation of a keynote speaker from European Commission, followed by a round-table discussion to assess existing pioneer market experiences, adding representatives from the private real estate sector in Sweden and Finland, the construction sector (SMEs) and consumers. This exercise will allow for exchanging on the challenges, best practices, and necessary changes to EU policy and private initiative to facilitate the market uptake of circularity in the sector.


The series is coordinated by several partners of the DRIVE 0 Consortium: UNIBO - University of Bologna (DA – Department of Architecture and DSE – Department of Economics), in cooperation with the organisations UIPI - International Union of Property Owners, HE – Housing Europe, and ACE - Architects' Council of Europe.




10h - Welcome (10 min)

Description: Session and Drive 0 introduction (presenting the agenda, speakers and objectives)

Speakers: Emmanuelle Causse for session (UIPI) + Ana Tisov (HI&A) for project


10h10 - Circular and Consumer Centred business model (15 min)

Description: UNIBO presents the Circular and Consumer Centred business model developed in the scope of Drive 0 EU-funded project, focusing on the application by this session’s target group and its benefits.

Speaker: Elettra Agliardi (UNIBO)


10h25 - Circularity applied to buildings: 3 examples from Drive 0 project (30 min)

Description: Private property Drive 0 demo cases’ presentations

a. Greece (10 min)

Speaker: Margarita-Niki Assimakopoulos (UOA)

b. Slovenia (10 min)

Speaker: Jure Vetrsek (IRI-UL) (video recording)

c. Spain (10 min)

Speaker: Zuzana Prochazkova (PICHARCHITECTS)


10h55 - The importance of circularity in the “Green Transition”: where we are and where we are heading (20 min)

Description: European Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW C.1 – Circular Economy and Construction) explains the relevance of shifting towards a circular economy to reach Green Deal’s objectives, while explaining what the current situation is, opportunities and the challenges to be faced.

Speaker: Phillipe Moseley (DG-GROW)


11h15 – Short break (10 min)


11h25 - Facing the challenges ahead: round-table with key stakeholders towards more circular buildings (50 min)

Description: With speakers representing market experiences (Swedish and Finnish cases will be made by UIPI member associations Fastighetsagarna and Omakotiliito representing large landlords and owner-occupiers respectively; European construction industry represented by FEIC; and consumers represented by BEUC), barriers/challenges will be discussed towards finding the best solutions to overcome them, both at local/national and European levels (according to the speaker’s experience/knowledge). This will generate feedback to be used in Drive 0’s policy recommendations.

Speakers: Speakers: Rikard Silverfur (Fastighetsagarna), Marju Silander (Omakotiliito), FEIC (TBA),  BEUC (TBA), and Phillipe Moseley (DG-GROW)


12h15 - Q&A session (10 min)

Description: Participants are given the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers or to comment on the topics discussed throughout the event.

Speakers: attending public


12h25 - Final conclusions and presentation of the upcoming Drive 0 Capacity Building event (5 min)

Description: Moderator closes the session, recapping main conclusions, inviting all attendees to participate in/help disseminate upcoming Drive 0 Capacity Building event hosted by UIPI, ACE and UNIBO and taking place in Bologna, in May 2023.

Speaker: Maria Figueira (UIPI)


The webinar will be moderated by Maria Figueira (UIPI).