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NABLAHVAC - automated HVAC analysis software

Automated HVAC Analysis Software

NABLAHVAC - automated HVAC analysis software

An indoor ambient simulation is useful to quantitatively assess the performance of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and predict the air flows needed for optimal comfort in any season. Hence, it is possible to reduce energy consumption, simulate air purification, enhance thermal comfort, and optimise HVAC configurations, especially when different system solutions are integrated in the same building.
Laura Paccagnella

The Italian company Nablawave has developed a simulation tool to assess the performance of HVAC systems in different type of buildings.

The computational resources to make the calculations are allocated in cloud where the simulation speed is accelerated. Moreover, the CFD solver used is open-source, so that customisations are possible. While eliminating the need for highly skilled experts and fast computers, the designers get automatic report formats where temperature distribution and air flows are clearly visible. They can analyse and improve their designs, determining heating/cooling losses, areas of air stagnation and optimising flows to obtain a more uniform aeration of the environment, avoiding recirculation zones.
It is possible to perform analyses in different environmental conditions (summer/winter) in order to identify the correct setting aimed at improving comfort and reducing energy consumption.


  • Upload of 2D or 3D CAD model
  • Geometry simplification through automatic filters in order to eliminate superfluous details that burden the calculation
  • Definition of heat/cooling sources and air inlet/outlet positions
  • Automatic meshing operation
  • Download of the results


  • air conditioning in commercial/residential spaces
  • ventilation of complex buildings
  • air flows control in warehouses/industrial plants
  • improvement of air purifying machinery installed in offices and large-scale shared spaces

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