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CISBAT 2023: Built Environment in Transition


CISBAT 2023: Built Environment in Transition

13 September 2023

CISBAT 2023 is a unique hybrid forum to share the latest findings of your research and explore the intersections between energy efficient building operation, occupant well-being and circularity in the context of our built environments.

Submit an abstract by 15 January 2023 and join us for a vibrant event in September 2023! Contributions are welcome for remote and in-person presentations, and papers will be published in IOP’s widely indexed Journal of Physics Conference Series.

Our call for 2023 focuses on the following topics:

OPERATION  --  energy management, efficiency, control

  • energy demand & supply
  • renewable energy
  • load shifting & smart grid
  • low-exergy heating & cooling
  • predictive & adaptive control
  • optimisation at building & urban scale

WELL-BEING  --  comfort, health, indoor environment

  • thermal environment
  • air quality
  • daylighting & electric lighting
  • acoustics
  • controls & occupant behavior
  • health & productivity

CIRCULARITY  --  materials, embodied energy, construction

  • life-cycle analysis
  • low-carbon materials
  • urban metabolism
  • regenerative planning
  • circular design, re-use & recycle
  • construction & manufacturing processes

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