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Oiseau Lyre: an environmentally sustainable school

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Oiseau Lyre: an environmentally sustainable school

17 May 2024
A nordic-inspired wooden school embracing environmental sustainability and innovative pedagogy.
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French architecture firm r2k architecte constructed Oiseau Lyre, a wooden school in Noisy-le-Grand, France, inspired by Nordic design, aiming for environmental sustainability

The school utilizes wood and repurposes 87% of construction site waste. It features 11 geothermal wells, and 2,038 square meters of vegetated roof.

Designed with Finnish pedagogical influence, it offers diverse shared spaces. The building's compact design integrates natural light and promotes social interaction. 

Oiseau Lyre emphasises wood's renewable and carbon sink qualities, with structural innovations and energy-efficient systems including photovoltaic panels and geothermal heating. 

Image © Erieta Attali

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