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Smart & Efficient Building Envelopes: Lessons Learned & Future Prospects


Smart & Efficient Building Envelopes: Lessons Learned & Future Prospects

20 September 2023
Switch2Save project comes to an end in September 2023. It started on 1st October 2019. The main goal was to improve the availability and affordability of electrochromic and thermochromic smart glass solutions.

Details of the conference

20th September 2023 09:00 - 18:00 CET


Karaiskaki 28, Athens, Greece


Europe is a leader in the development of components for buildings retrofitting. Its leadership is based on the use of high-efficient insulation materials including concrete, steel, glass, composites, wood and hybrids, which are leading to achieving recyclable, nearly zero-energy building envelopes when applied to new buildings. The main challenge of bringing these newly energetically efficient components to the retrofit market is the complexity, weight control and overall costs.

The EU has during last years invested into funding of several projects developing low cost solutions for designing / renovating building envelopes with energy demand reduction contributing to sustainable use of natural resources while meeting European climate targets.

The Switch2Save project final workshop titled "Smart & Efficient Building Envelopes: Lessons Learned & Future Prospects" will feature examples of these novel approaches looking at them from the research & development as well as architectural, industrial and commercial perspectives. The workshop will give you the opportunity to meet all the partners and participants of the project as well as other projects and public and private stakeholders working on smart building envelopes.

The final event will include a visit to the windows installation in the General State Hospital of Nikaia Agios Panteleimon.