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Interested in Knowledge transfer for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings?

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Interested in Knowledge transfer for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings?

25 May 2023
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Technical Articles

Fostering knowledge transfer and sharing of data about the European building stock: BuiltHub project

The H2020 BuiltHub Project has developed a roadmap of building stock data to foster knowledge transfer and to support building-related policy and business. The data hub created by the project aims to assemble stakeholders and to facilitate knowledge transfer of building data.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Toolkit for the built environment 

Accessibility is generally recognised as an important element of architectural design practice, but there is a general lack of awareness among building industry professionals, partly due to the scarcity of available tools to evaluate occupancy feedback on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. This research aimed to inform the development of a set of tools to inspire a more inclusive design process.

The crucial role of education in achieving sustainability and low carbon economy

The ECF4CLIM project co-designs, tests and validates a European competence framework for the educational community to drive the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon economy. This is done through a participatory approach engaging educational centres, used as demonstrative sites, of different levels and European countries, as well as public bodies, research centres and private companies.

Expert Talks

Expert talk about Knowledge transfer with Luis Loures

What is knowledge transfer? How can it help to improve the skills of the building workforce? Luis Loures, Full Professor and Dean of the Portuguese Polytechnic of Portalegre answers these and other questions related to this topic. Check the video!

Building conversations with…

We had the pleasure to talk in this interview with Dorin Beu, President of the Transylvania Chapter of the Romanian Green Building Council and BUILD UP’s Ambassador, about the improvements related to energy efficiency that can be made in the field of knowledge transfer in the building sector.



Knowledge transfer for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in buildings

BUILD UP, FEDARENE, the IN-PLAN project and the PROSPECT+ project organised this webinar that explored the relevance of knowledge transfer in the building sector.

Micro-Climate Change and Envelopes: Understanding, Modelling and Design in Light of a Changing Climate

BUILD UP hosted a two-day seminar from the URBAN TherCOM project. The session was curated by Senior Researcher and BUILD UP Ambassador Emanuela Giancola and Professor Emanuele Naboni.

Watch here the recording session - Day 1
Watch here the recording session - Day 2

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