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Articles consists of development analysis addressing both policy and technical issues on a wide range of topics relevant to energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. The BUILD UP Editorial Board coordinates the process of production of the articles, ensuring the involvement of its own community of experts as well as renowned experts in the field.

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Technical Article - Fostering knowledge transfer and sharing of data about the European building stock: BuiltHub project
The H2020 BuiltHub Project has developed a roadmap of building stock data to foster knowledge transfer and to support building-related policy and business. The data hub created by the project aims to assemble stakeholders and facilitate the knowledge transfer of building data.

Daniel Aragón
Technical Article - Optimal Parameter Estimation in NZEB Renovation Projects
The PLURAL project developed key technologies, called Plug-and-Use kits (‘PnU kits’), for the deep renovation of EU buildings, aiming at reaching the goal of near-zero energy buildings (NZEB). A data mining algorithm is utilised to find all minimal configuration settings of a PnU kit that practically ensures the NZEB status of the building after the configuration is installed.

Daniel Aragón
Technical Article - The BIM-P, a digital data environment to support the building renovation activities
The INFINITE project has developed a BIM Platform (BIM-P) which is a digital data environment and asset information management, supporting stakeholders to collaborate throughout the whole life cycle of buildings. The platform stores and shares data, and also enables data exchange with other tools for LCA and LCC evaluations.
Daniel Aragón
Technical Article - Filling the Gap in automated measurement and verification for Energy Efficiency: SENSEI’s eensight tool
The H2020 SENSEI project has contributed to the advancement of automated M&V methods by promoting a major change in the way practitioners approach the task of M&V, as well as by offering eensight, an open-source tool to experiment with and test the proposed M&V methodology.
Daniel Aragón