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Articles consists of development analysis addressing both policy and technical issues on a wide range of topics relevant to energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. The BUILD UP Editorial Board coordinates the process of production of the articles, ensuring the involvement of its own community of experts as well as renowned experts in the field.

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Technical Article – An overview of post-occupancy evaluation in educational buildings
How important is the air we breathe indoors? Logically, it is extremely important, and even more when children are involved. If we want to measure and evaluate the indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort of buildings, as well as assessing the energy efficiency, post-occupancy evaluation (POE) comes into play. How should it be implemented in schools to improve wellbeing and the building´s energy performance?
Lara González Volpe
State of the art of the digitalisation of the building sector
Digital technologies, tools, and European initiatives are aiming to implement the digital transition across the building sector. These can be used at all stages of the value chain, from design and construction to operation and maintenance, and can tackle issues in society and many environmental aspects. Digitalisation in the building and construction sector represents an opportunity to innovate and decarbonise the whole value chain.
Lara González Volpe
Technical Article – Next generation cooling systems: An analysis of two case studies with active and passive solutions in buildings
The demand for sustainable space cooling technology is increasing globally. Passive cooling systems should be implemented, and when necessary, combined with active cooling. This article provides two practical examples, one implementing an active system and the second applying a passive solution using a simulation tool.
Lara González Volpe
Technical Article - Arise article series ‘Digitalisation in the built environment’ #4: Digital transformations
To achieve the required European climate targets, it is vital that the green economy delivers a better-skilled workforce and develops new competencies and methods of working. The overarching aim of ARISE is to support the transition of the construction sector by providing its workforce with digital and sustainable energy skills for the future.
Lara González Volpe
Technical Article - Performance optimisation of an active façade through parametric simulations
Buildings must play a major role in decarbonising our existing energy system. Shading devices are essential to control solar gains and improve the comfort of occupants in buildings. Dynamic shading systems, such as Venetian blinds or Electrochromic (EC) glazing, have variable optical and thermal properties and can be used to regulate solar gains depending on when they are needed.
Daniel Aragón
Technical Article - ENSNARE: Digital toolkit for a more efficient design, construction and operation of NZEB residential renovations
The ENSNARE project aims at boosting the uptake of novel and highly efficient solutions for NZEB renovation via comprehensive methodology, tools, and technologies that accelerate the current renovation rate in European residential buildings.
Daniel Aragón