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List of projects (8)

The project BUILD UP Skills Czech Republic aims to provide training to on-site workers to successfully meet the requirements of the EPBD II, which puts high requirements for energy efficiency in buildings to the EU Member States. The BuildUpCz project has three basic stages:

The first stage is the analysis of the national status quo in the Czech Republic. The analysis covers all on-site professions involved in the construction industry, and covers all areas of energy efficiency and renewable technologies and systems appropriate for the country. It identifies barriers and differences between the current situation and the needs for 2020.

The next stage is focused on the design of the Czech Republic’s own National Roadmap. It will specifically identify areas and types of on-site workers who need more education, as well as design the system of education, design of any accreditation mechanism to ensure teachers and a proposal for funding.

The third stage involves the communication and promotional activities that will lead to widespread discussion and adoption of the proposed plan by all involved stakeholders. These activities will be conducted continuously during the analysis and solution of the National Roadmap draft, and include not only private construction sector employers and central government and public administration, but also workers in the construction sector and other trade unions, educational institutions, etc.

The goal of the DoubleDecker project is, as part of the Build Up Skills (BUS) initiative, to create a strategic basis for the transformation of the construction industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The project will take place in two basic phases: first, a Status-quo analysis will be prepared, and in the second phase, National Development Plans (Roadmaps) will be created. The preparation of the mentioned strategic documents will be completed in March 2024. The project coordinator is SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, z.ú.