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List of projects (12)

The project aims to develop tools and methodologies to set up training systems to increase the knowledge, skills and competences of workers in the field of buildings refurbishment in order to intensify the introduction of Renewable Energy Sources and improve Energy Efficiency in the old as well as in the new buildings to reach Almost Nearly Zero Building (ANZB) stocks by 2020.

The Build UP Skills Italy will identify a national qualified training system able to improve the competences of workers needed to reach the "nearly zero emission buildings" objective. The project will focus not only on the continuing education of workers in the field of buildings /blue collar, but also on the development of new training curricula aligned with the European Qualification Framework and the European Credit system for VET. To achieve these ambitious objectives the stakeholders have been divided in two "levels" consisting of partners directly involved in the roadmap definition, and "associated partners" involved in the roadmap validation and implementation. The roadmap will consider the existing complex Italian situation, whereas the European legislation on energy saving is first implemented at national level through the Ministry of Economic Development, and is put into operation at regional level. Also different associations develop their own VET with different rules and objectives. The partners will identify the changes needed to reach a unique qualification/certification schema accepted by the stakeholders and based on existing best experiences, both at EU and national level.

The aim of the project is to develop and validate training schemes at EQF level 3 for workers in the building sector, improving their competences in sustainable building, according to Pillar I of Build Up Skills Italy initiative.