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The EU and national EE/RES targets 2020 foresee large contribution from building sector. High energy performance retrofitting of existing buildings and nearly zero-energy buildings demand intensive upgrade of existing skills of craftsmen and other on-site construction workers and systems installers within continuing education/training; but also an upgrade and/or new qualification schemes in the initial education.

The primary objective of the project is to define the national framework for upgrading the existing skills and for development of new qualification schemes for new, appropriately skilled workers to achieve Targets 2020. This objective will be accomplished by:

• Establishment of the national qualification platform as a inclusive process for consultation of relevant stakeholders in both the building and the education/training.

• Analysis of the status quo to frame and quantify the need for qualified workers in the building sector in Slovenia by 2020, and enable identification of gaps and barriers.

• Roadmap that will explain how to overcome barriers and identified skills gaps in various professions.

• The roadmap endorsement by relevant public authorities.

The video record of final endorsement conference is available at: