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The Austrian BUILD UP Skills Initiative is a main step to increase the qualification level of craftsmen, construction workers and system installers in the building sector. The project “BUILD UP Skills Austria” initiated a national strategic process that brought together all relevant actors in the field of qualification, training and education in order to develop national strategies to improve the skills of blue collar workers in the building sector.

The main target of the project was the set-up and the endorsement of a national qualification roadmap. Due to all relevant Austrian stakeholders could be actively involved into the development process the majority of stakeholders underlined there effort to support the implementation of the roadmap by signing an endorsement document. The target of the Austrian BUILD UP Skills Initiative is to ensure an optimal contribution to the national and European energy objectives till 2020.

The project aimed to develop a modular qualification scheme for professionals in the construction industry with an emphasis on across-the-crafts training of e.g., general foreman, foremen, skilled workers, craftsmen and unskilled workpeople.

Heat pumps skills for NZEB construction.

The overarching objective of the HP4ALL project was to enhance, develop and promote the skills required for high quality, optimised Heat Pump (HP) installations within residential and non-residential buildings.  Both the supply side (manufacturers, SMEs, installers etc.) and demand side (building owners, public sector etc.) have been engaged in the project.

A core element was the application of tailored measures in three pilot regions: Ireland, Upper Austria, and Andalusia/Spain, aiming to address different HP market sectors, applications, and technology solutions.

  • In Ireland the main focus on local authorities and their respective heat pump installations, with a secondary focus on large scale heat pump installations and private domestic heat pump installations; 
  • In Andalusia/Spain: the focus on the uptake of HPs in social housing and other public buildings;
  • In Upper Austria: primary focus on developing the market for mid-/large-scale HP applications (commercial and industrial).

Each pilot region took specific approaches to the roll out of targeted activities and materials, and the development and promotion of HP Skills depending on different context and market maturity.

Key outputs:

01 September 2020 - 01 February 2023

So far, the necessary qualification of skilled workers has been in the foreground. In the ReBUSk project (Reboot BUILD UP Skills Austria) there are no longer any restrictions. The focus of ReBUSk is on further developing the national roadmap up to 2020 - which was developed as part of the first phase of the initiative - and adapting it to both the European and national targets for 2030. The aim is to ensure that all the necessary skills for climate-neutral construction will be available by 2030.