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To cover the training needs derived from the launch of the different strategies for the energy performance of buildings, Spain has a specific legislation and several instruments, such as the Training System for Employment, which regulates vocational training for the employed and unemployed, the National System of Professional Qualifications, which is developing the National Catalogue of Qualifications. This BUILD UP Skills project will help to establish a roadmap that will set out clear plan of action to ensure these systems respond to the training needs that arising in the field of energy performance of buildings. In this way it will be possible to optimally satisfy the "2020 objectives", converging with all the other European countries towards this common goal.

The project aims to provide building workers in Spain with the competences and skills required in the fields of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Systems in order to contribute to achieving 2020 energy objectives.

Heat pumps skills for NZEB construction.

The overarching objective of the HP4ALL project was to enhance, develop and promote the skills required for high quality, optimised Heat Pump (HP) installations within residential and non-residential buildings.  Both the supply side (manufacturers, SMEs, installers etc.) and demand side (building owners, public sector etc.) have been engaged in the project.

A core element was the application of tailored measures in three pilot regions: Ireland, Upper Austria, and Andalusia/Spain, aiming to address different HP market sectors, applications, and technology solutions.

  • In Ireland the main focus on local authorities and their respective heat pump installations, with a secondary focus on large scale heat pump installations and private domestic heat pump installations; 
  • In Andalusia/Spain: the focus on the uptake of HPs in social housing and other public buildings;
  • In Upper Austria: primary focus on developing the market for mid-/large-scale HP applications (commercial and industrial).

Each pilot region took specific approaches to the roll out of targeted activities and materials, and the development and promotion of HP Skills depending on different context and market maturity.

Key outputs:

01 September 2020 - 01 February 2023

In 2011, the European Commission launched the BUILD UP Skills initiative, with the aim of increasing the number of trained and qualified construction professionals across Europe to carry out energy efficient building renovations and new near-zero energy buildings.  

Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, Fundae, CSIC and INCUAL have since formed strong Partnerships together with other entities to lead this initiative in Spain. 

Construye 2030, is a BUILD UP Skills project framed this time in the LIFE programme and aims to revise the research and the proposals made in 2012, as well as the boost of the first National Qualification Platform. This update will be carried out through: 

  • Collaborative work with professionals from different areas of the construction sector. 
  • Analysis of sectoral statistics. 
  • Panel of experts and interviews with key professionals. 
  • Endorsement seminars. 
01 January 2022 - 01 January 2024