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In contributing to the achievement of ambitious objectives of the energy and climate package, the building sector has a major role to play. Shaping energy policy should always entail measures to improve energy efficiency of buildings as the building sector covers over a third of the EU energy demand. In Poland, the building sector is responsible for 42% of the total energy consumption and up to 30% of this energy is consumed by the residential sector. Therefore, this sector should be more touched by activities towards energy efficiency improvement and RES sources deployment. Poland had approximately 13.8 million housing units in 2005 and this amount is constantly increasing coming in 2009 to the total number of 14.3 million units. Although there are measures to improve energy efficiency in Poland in the residential sector, its energy consumption is excessive, reaching 2-3 times higher levels than in Western countries with a similar climate. This project will support meeting these targets through setting up the framework for the national training and qualification scheme for workers in the construction sector in the field of efficiency energy and RES technologies in buildings.

The aim of the BUILD UP Skills II Poland project is to develop a strategy for improving the skills of employees in the construction sector at all levels of education in the field of energy-saving construction technologies, in particular those used in buildings undergoing major renovations.

The aim of the initiative is to put the national vocational training systems in order. The "BUILD UP Skills II Poland" project focuses primarily on the part of the system related to improving the professional qualifications of manual workers currently working on construction sites, i.e. craftsmen, installers, fitters and all other employees performing construction works.

With the current challenges and goals for the renovation of building resources, it will be crucial to prepare a sufficiently large group of employees in the construction sector to be able to achieve the assumed goal of 3% thermal modernization of buildings per year. Such an indicator would allow to change the level of energy efficiency of 90% of existing buildings by 2050 and contribute to the achievement of climate neutrality by the Polish economy.

01 November 2021 - 01 April 2024