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Horizon 2020
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  • France has already carried out consistent work to determine training needs of building sector’s workforce at national but also regional and local levels. Different initiatives have also already been undertaken to train these workers. However, real barriers seem to exist to effectively reach all workers and craftsmen of the building sector and thus achieve energy efficiency (EE) targets set at the European and national levels for that sector. The aim of the “Build Up Skills France” action is to remove these barriers by defining a concrete roadmap for massive skills acquisition of building sector’s workforce until 2020. The project aims also to undertake a quantitative and qualitative assessment, shared by all stakeholders of current training demand and supply existing in France for the acquisition of the new skills required in the building sector for all “on-site” workers, as well as a review of the initiatives or experiments already carried out or under way at different levels (national, regional, local), to elaborate an action plan (a “roadmap”) in consultation with all relevant stakeholders (employers’associations, trade unions, vocational training centers, relevant authorities, etc.) in order to meet training needs and requirements but also remove the identified obstacles and to have this roadmap approved by all relevant stakeholders and, in particular, in link with the main authorities of the sector and the 27 French regions. This includes reflection to identify ways for financing its further implementation in complement of the existing system.

  • In France, and in spite of many initiatives such as BUS1 platform, whose actions have been implemented without any overall coordination nor monitoring, there is an increasing need for an up-skilled workforce to support energy renovation goals for 2030 and 2050. BUS2 aims, through a step-by-step implementation while involving a local and regional focus, to relaunch an open platform by improving the coordination between public and private stakeholders at all levels and on different topics: market demand and upskilling initiatives. 

    The objective is to mobilize these stakeholders to work together addressing identified barriers (based on a shared status quo analysis, and co-constructed national roadmap and scenarios for 2023-2030 and further.), during and after the duration of the project to ensure results sustainability via a follow-up organization post BUS2. BUS 2 contributes to the upskilling results of EU funded projects in France: BIMplement, BUSleague, and Blueprint, and is complementary with national initiatives on the market and educational and training sides. 

    Synergies and co-benefits with other LIFE sub-program –especially regarding the circular economy and with other E.U policy areas, will be created. The expected effects are identified and quantified with relevant indicators, especially those related to the involvement of key state stakeholders, who contribute giving credibility to the impacts. Consortium members, with the expertise of ADEME, and the AVE network of local authorities, also contribute to the credibility.

    Results will be open source and exploitable by all the stakeholders, and methodology will be replicated in regions and local territories other than those involved in the initial 18 months. Communication and dissemination activities will be targeted towards stakeholders, public, potential building sector workers and regional and local authorities.

    01 November 2022 - 30 April 2024