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BUILD UP Skills Projects

Search and find BUILD UP Skills national projects undertaken to meet the skills needs and mitigate skills shortages within the building sector.

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BUILD UP Skills Projects (64)

The aim of the project is to create a voluntary qualification system (quality labelling) based on the participatory strategy and actions of the Sustainable Construction Skill Alliance. It entails:
• On the one hand, reinforcing the up-to-date knowledge and appropriate skill base of construction workforce (especially HVAC skilled workers) in building energetics, energy efficient measures and use of renewable energy in order to become agents for energy efficient improvements of the Hungarian building stock.
• On the other hand, raising the awareness of property and home owners in energy efficiency measures and emphasising the importance of proper examination, assessment and installation of such measures in order to raise the demand for such qualified, skilled workers.

The aim of the project is to ensure that employers in the UK have the skilled workforce required to meet EU 2020. To do this we will undertake a comprehensive review of existing skills, training and qualification provision, and anticipated skills needs, and use the outcome to develop a 2020 Skills Roadmap that will inform the development and provision of skills through a wide range of stakeholder bodies across the UK. The project will be delivered by a consortium which comprises a wide range of key stakeholders and other partners including professional bodies and trade associations. This platform has been used to develop the steering committee and devolved administration working groups, and will input and endorse the 2020 Skills Roadmap. The project will analyse all occupations in the construction, built environment and RES sectors and use the outcomes of that research to develop the 2020 Skills Roadmap.The project meets the priorities of individual departments in Westminster and will also reflect the specific needs and priorities of the devolved administrations; Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

BUILD UP Skills UPSWING aims at developing three large scale fully functional training and qualification schemes for 3 professions with substantiated great impact on the energy upgrade of buildings in Greece. Initially, the specific training schemes will be designed according to the identified needs. The relevant occupational profiles will be updated and validated. Next, the training materials and guidelines, and the assessment criteria and tools for the exams leading to certification will be developed, while the “train the trainers” courses will be designed and piloted. Then, the schemes will be tested in pilot courses, to be evaluated and revised before launching to a fully functional large-scale level. In order to ensure the sustainability and enhancement of the training schemes after the project’s end, a number of accompanying measures in support of their coordination and operation are planned.

WE-Qualify aims to help the building sector of Cyprus to overcome the skills gap barrier facing the sector and especially the lack of competent qualified blue-collar workers for the construction of energy efficient buildings by the installation of RES and energy related building elements. The outcomes of WE-Qualify are expected to provide the key components for the upgrading of existing or drafting of new SVQs to be included in the future National Qualification Framework (NQF), an appropriate training methodology and a transparent and clearly defined qualification route. The ambition is to configure a competent workforce specialized on the Energy Performance of Buildings according to European criteria and standards, to encourage a greater number of blue-collar workers to advance their professional skills and knowledge and to help achieve the target for the construction of near zero energy buildings by 2020.